I'm a student, sure.

But I'm also a an experienced data cruncher, specialized in data mining, geomapping, and vizualizations.


  • Poster for Digital Futures Network Day in Lausanne

    A poster I created for our elevator pitch. The hex visualisations in the backdrop as well as the logo were created using my own ‘package’ (fluffy unicorns). Have a look at the poster.

  • Quiz

    A quiz I did for the ddj track.

  • URL Crawler

    The following procedure has been developed to provide a stable URL collection method than can be coupled with text extraction and text burning features. The method was used for this research proposal for SocialScienceOne. The main goal of the workflow is to generate a corpus of URLs related to online media content for all Swiss referanda from June, 2017 to March, 2018, including their text body. The starting point for the URL collection is a list of the top Google searches for each initiative prior to the respective ballots. From there, the algorithm accesses all URLs and extracts all potential links to other informational content on the referendum, this is hyperreferences indluded on those pages. To avoid including links to web-ads or other unrelated content we applied a keyword filter to the newly scraped URLs. The new URLs are then matched to the ones from the initial collection. Only the new entries are then accessed in turn, to extract all possible references, and so on, until there is no new reference or a time limit has been reached.

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Lucien Baumgartner


Sept 2016 - June 2019 University of Zurich [Zurich].

  • Master in Social Sciences // Major: Political Science // Minor: Philosophy
  • Track: Data-driven journalism

Sept 2013 - June 2016 University of Zurich [Zurich].

  • Bachelor in Social Sciences // Major: Political Science // Minor: Philosophy

Sept 2011 - June 2013 Kantonale Maturitätsschule für Erwachsene (College) [Zurich]

  • Track: Classical languages



  • Causal Effects of Incumbency on Candidate Contextualization in Pre-election Media Coverage. Master thesis / pdf.


  • Cross-National and Sub-National Diffusion of Issue Definition: The Case of Smoking Bans in Switzerland. Working paper / pdf.


Jan 2018 - now Tool developer for the Digital Democracy Lab (UZH, Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Gilardi) [Zurich]

  • Primary frontend developer (results will go public mid-August)
  • Assistance for an extensive research proposal for SocialScienceOne
  • Development of R- and Python-based data gathering methods and their backend implementation
  • Extensive text analysis with Structural Topic Models
  • Workflow panning

Jan 2018 - June 2019 Research Assistant for Dr. Anita Gohdes (UZH) [Zurich]

Jan 2018 - June 2019 Tool developer for Prof. Dr. Lukas Leemann (UZH) [Zurich]

  • Developing a Javascript interface for Qualtrix surveys

Sept 2018 - Jan 2019 Assistant teacher in Data-driven Journalism (UZH, Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Gilardi) [Zurich]

  • Bi-weekly classes on data handling and visualization in R
  • Mentoring of the students publications (Blog)

Apr 2017 - now Salesman at the Tactica Gmbh [Oerlikon]

  • Advice and sales in retail shop & organizing test games
  • Updating the online shop

Aug 2017 - Dec 2017 Internship as data journalist at NZZ [Zurich]

  • Data acquisition (research, web scraping) & cleaning as well as visualisation and communication of results
  • Planning, management and implementation of own projects
  • Optimization of the workflow for live data analysis at major events such as the 2017 federal elections for the Bundestag

Jan 2014 - Jan 2018 Lab assistant in Evolutionary Biology (UZH, Dr. Gaston D. Guex) [Dätwil]

  • Database management and evaluation of migration data from amphibians
  • Team leader for archiving and digitization of existing sample stocks
  • Participation in regional nature conservation projects (data visualization)

Sep 2015 - Jun 2016 Assistant teacher for Political Philosophy (UZH, Prof. Dr. Urs Marti) [Zurich]

  • Weekly reading course with approx. 8 students with text-based exercises on argumentation theory and logic
  • Assistance with text selection and compilation of the text corpus
  • Accompaniment of the students during their Bachelor thesis

Sep 2015 - Jun 2016 Assistant teacher for Political Philosophy (UZH, Prof. Dr. Francis Cheneval), Zurich

  • Weekly tutorial with approx. 25 students
  • Introduction to text exegesis and follow-up of the lecture material
  • Exam preparation